Stag parties in Barcelona

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I want to arrange a different kind of stag party… How can I do that?


Experience the best stag party in Barcelona with Archery Tag, the sport that has just arrived and promises to become a complete classic for the most exciting celebrations. No one will ever forget how much fun they had in the most epic party that can be celebrated.

One of the most usual problems when they put you in charge of arranging a stag party is that every one of them end up being the same. Getting around the monotony seems almost impossible, but it is true that sooner or later we have to take part in one, as the protagonist or just as a guest. For that matter we have brought from the United States an activity that is spreading fast and that will leave no one indifferent. We give you the chance to become archers for a day and battle like those brave warriors that fill comic books’ pages or the cinema screen. If you have always wanted to know how does it feel to pull the string but you never had the courage to try it because you didn’t want to use a lethal weapon, then our foam tipped arrows are for you. With them you will manage to arrange a stag party out of the ordinary. Exactly what everyone is looking for.

Do you want to arrange a special stag party? Grab and arrow, aim and reserve a date!
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A different and really fun stag party

Although many people deny it, when someone is put in charge of arranging a stag party he then has to find the way to turn it into an exceptional celebration. Both the organizer and the assistants, in an unconscious way, know what they are looking for.

We are experts in organizing archery battles in Barcelona and we guarantee you that you will have the best stag party ever if you decide to come and play with us. It does not matter if someone is really bad at sports or if he has only seen arrows in traffic signals. Our instructors will show you how to use the bows and will explain to you the rules of each game so you can live an epic experience.

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A different and really fun stag party

We know that there are traditional stag parties, with the usual groups that end up doing the same thing that has been done for decades, to the point that some of the cliche that come to mind when speaking about them have been represented in movies and television series. But not everyone likes those things, specially if you have already been in many stag parties and ended up doing the same. Also, there are many kinds of bachelors (ask the bride about it) and what someone may think it’s an awesome idea can be a bore for another one. With the archery battle in Barcelona you have a game that it is not easy to find in other places, but it is already reinventing the excitement anywhere it goes. Nonetheless, the emotion that generates while you shoot your bow trying to hit the target while at the same time you try to avoid getting hit, or even try to grab an arrow shot by the other team while it is in the air, is something that cannot be explained. You have to experience it by yourself to know what we are really talking about.

Ideal for any kind of stag party

It doesn’t matter if it’s a hen party, a stag’s one or even a mixed one. In Archery Tag everyone is welcome so it doesn’t matter your age, gender or physical condition. If you have a group of friend who never want to separate for a single second and they want to celebrate the stag party all together, there is no problem. Arrange the teams as you prefer: boys against girls, singles against married, randomly selected… The possibilities are endless and you will enjoy it the same in any case. Check out our prices and special packs for that matter.

For sure the most adventurous will think about something that can fulfill everyone’s expectations, but it may prove difficult having to move to the outskirts when you are celebrating the party in the city. The archery combat in Barcelona offers the same excitement that any of those adventures can provide but in the city, in a pitch prepared for you to take your adrenalin to it’s maximum level. The action is so thrilling that you will forget about everything, even the place where you are in. If anyone tells you that you have travelled to the Middle Age, you may even believe it.

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Contact us and design your plan

Contact us and we will explain you all you need to arrange the best stag party in Barcelona. We will take care of everything that you will need to live the experience of your live. And if you have already tried it, it is possible that the losers may be asking for a rematch. In that case, you can wait for any other friend to get engaged so you can celebrate the stag party, or you can simply challenge the winning team to see if they are brave enough to face your team again, for example after the honeymoon.

Grab your bow and live and amazing experience!

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