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I want to arrange a different kind of event… How can I do that?

Councils and other local entities are always on the lookout for flashy events that can attract and entertain, at the same time, everyone who attends to parties, institutional acts and other kind of events. They know that leisure is uno of the most effective ways to connect with people, but at the same time they also know that it is not easy to find something that is really different and innovative. Because of that, we are convinced that this battle between archers is exactly what these councils and other entities need in order to be able to offer a wide array of services which can make any occasion pleasant. A new way to get in touch with the citizens by recording in their minds many pleasant memories.

Archery Tag has just arrived to Barcelona from the USA, where it operates as the most important company between the ones that offer this kind of events. We have travelled there to learn from them first handedly the possibilities that this adventure sport offers for any occasion, including the promotional events for councils or other official events.

Looking for an activity for an event? Grab an arrow, aim and reserve a date!
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Advantages that Archery Tag provides to councils and entities

There is a wide spread of motives that makes us recommend you to arrange an archery battle for official events, promotions and presentations. The first one is that everyone can take part in them, from 13 ages and over without having to worry about their physical condition, gender or anything else. The bows and arrows are homologated and manufactured in a way that lets everyone have fun and release adrenalin, reducing the chances of getting hurt to the minimal amount, as long as everyone follows the rules. Learn the rules of this exciting game.

Another motive is it’s novelty. Being an activity that has just arrived, few people know about it already. This turns Archery Tag into something innovative and attracting, different to the rest of activities that can be done in similar events. An excellent opportunity to set a new mark with something that has not been seen before, which will make a deep impression in your attendants, who will not stop speaking about it in a long time.

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In Archery Tag Barcelona we take care of everything necessary to turn any event into something different and memorable. We will adapt our activities depending on what your event needs in order for the neighbors of your council, the people coming from other places for any kind of party or whoever comes by to see what your entity offers can have the opportunity to participate in this exciting adventure and get to know a very known sport, archery, which many people don’t dare to try because they don’t want to get hurt. The properties of our bows and arrows are ideal for both for them and for everyone who wanted to try it but never had the chance before.

The time has come to change with Archery Tag Barcelona

As time goes by it is mandatory the entities advance, not only in the way of making their programs and organizing their events, but also in the way of presenting them to make them more appealing for the citizens. The archery combat in Barcelona is the last hit in leisure activities. We are at your full disposition to solve any doubts you have, so feel free to contact us.
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