Special Birthdays in Barcelona

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I want to celebrate a birthday in a different manner… How can I do that?


If you want to live a different kind of birthday party, with Archery Tag Barcelona you will accomplish your goal to surprise everybody. The newest most popular sport has just arrived and I comes with all our wishes to give a radical twist to birthday parties for all ages. An exciting game in which you will discharge adrenalyn for sure and that will leave no one indifferent. ¿Want to play?

As time goes by, arranging a birthday party seems to become something monotonous. Because of this, many people end up deciding not to celebrate that special day or just giving up and do that same birthday party in which everybody knows what is going to happen. The archery battle brings fresh air as it is something new and relatively unknown until now, and it will test your reflexes and the concentration of every player. It is a game that will make everyone talk about for a long time.

Do you want to celebrate a birthday in a special way? ¡Grab an arrow, aim and make a reservation! ->
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Too many guests? No problem, the more the merrier!

Archery Tag is played in two teams, between 4 and 9 players each, which makes a total of minimum 8 people (4 vs 4) and maximum 18 (9 vs 9) players at the same time. If you are more players than that, you can take turns and play in an archery tournament in which the winner will be the team who beats the other teams in score based games. In this game no one is left out and everyone, either the ones in the pitch or the ones who are watching the match as spectators, will have fun from the first to the last arrow fired.

Action happens in a similar way tan in a paintball battle, with the added challenge of having to change the gun for a bow and arrows with a foam tip. In order to properly hit your target, you will have to adjust your aim depending of the wind and your opponents movements while you try to avoid being the one getting taken out because of a furtive arrow.

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Parties for your family, friends or company

This sport can be played by people from 13 ages or more and anyone who is capable of grabbing a bow and pull the string firmly will be able to play the game. We will show you how to shoot and you don’t need any previous knowledge in order to play and have a ton of fun! Because of that, this activity is perfect for family birthdays, in which uncles and and cousins, grandparents and grandsons or parents and sons can choose to face each others, arrange mixed teams or many other ways to play. The same can be said for groups of friend, birthday parties for coworkers or any other celebration that is coming soon. Nobody will forget the most original birthday party that can be arranged.

A new hay to have fun in Barcelona

The archery battle is the last hit in action sports. With the same adrenalyn rush you can get from games like dodge ball or laser tag, the excitement from adventure sports and the fun that you will get by mimicking your favorite heroes from comics, movies or videogames. The people who already had the chance to grab a bow and the foam tipped arrows assure that they have not tried anything like this before. Every match is an originality dose for your birthday parties, something you have been looking for during a long time and that you cannot miss.

If you are having trouble surprising your friend up to the point of thinking about giving up celebrating any birthday, try to bring them to the most impressive and daring shooting range that can be found. Archery Tag is perfect even for the ones who have never shot a bow before because this sport will work as an introduction that aims to bring all the excitement from professional archery to the playing pitch, with a style equally innovative and mind-blowing. You will get everyone to enjoy an epic adventure without moving away from Barcelona. They will have a blast and after that they won’t shut up about how the game went, specially if they were in the winning team…

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Reserve a date before it's too late

Now is the time to contact us and arrange a birthday party that is both different and fun. The archery battles are not widely known at the moment, but they are starting to slowly become popular which means that more sooner than later everybody will want to live the experience of the most original battle that can be found.

If you don’t want to be the last to know about this new modality of archery, perfect for any kind of celebrations like birthdays, you should start making plans now. And if your birthday is still far away, you can find any other excuse to grab your bow and take down the enemy in a war without quarters that will deserve to be in a movie script. It is possible that soon you would have to wait to see if there is still the date you want to reserve available if you don’t reserve it now. We have everything ready at the moment for you to start enjoying, so you decide if you want to feel the excitement before it gets too late. Do not think it twice, discovere our prices and reserve now!

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