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I want to arrange a different team building activity… How can I do that?

Going out with your group of coworkers to spend a weekend together is not an effective team building activity anymore. It is necessary to arrange plans that put your whole team’s leadership and teamwork skills to test. Choosing plans like archery tag, capable of turning on even the most quiet guy, is a must. Archery tag is the latest hit in adventure sports which combines all the elements that everyone looks for in a team building nowadays. If you are in charge of training well motivated teams, or simply if you are looking to bring your coworkers together, arranging an archery battle is one of the best ideas you can have. Check out our prices.
Are you looking for something to do in a team building event? Grab an arrow, aim and reserve a date!
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What is archery tag and what does it bring to team building?

Inspired on professional archery competitions, the archery combat is a modality in which special bows prepared to shoot foam tipped arrows, which produce the same effect that you would get from shooting a standard bow without hurting anyone, are used. It is a completely safe sport that everyone can play and it is starting to gain more and more adepts in the areas where it can be played. It has just arrived to Barcelona and it is an ideal way to conduct a really effective team building.

The basic rules are extremely simple. Two teams will face each other in a playing pitch in which they will have to do everything they can to get a higher score than the opposing team. To accomplish that, players will get various ways to increase the score, which range from shooting targets located on the other team field to catching arrows shot by their rivals while they are still flying, trying to protect themselves and their team’s targets at the same time. A referee will be in charge of tracking the score and make sure that everyone is playing by the rules, and at the same time he will provide enough arrows for the game to keep going in case it is necessary.

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Why does archery tag work as a big impact activity with team buildings? Mostly because of it’s qualities which are required to have a chance of winning. As soon as the game starts everyone will realize that they need to plan an strategy, so one of the most important parts will be to choose a leader that will direct the team, as well as following the leader’s instructions. You will have to work as a solid team in order to finish your opponents.

Also, as this is a leisure activity and a not very well known one, it can soon become into a new way to enjoy together something exciting, create new bonds between coworkers and put the workplace stuff aside. An environment in which new memories can be made, different to the reports, deadlines and responsibilities that always generate tension and even splits the team apart, which is something that undermines a lot of companies and can’t be tolerated.

A new way to arrange company events

If your company does not usually arrange team building events but you want to spend some quality time with your coworkers, Archery Tag Barcelona puts a memorable adventure to your disposition. Being a fairly new sport, only a few ones have tried it but it has quickly become an awesome plan for that kind of meetings. You can participate in an archery battle before a company dinner, in a break from work or in any other situation. A sensational and unexpected way to get to know each other better and enjoy together.

Imagine a competition between companies or sections. The usual thing to do is to search for something that everyone can do without many complications and in which no one will feel excluded. This way of archery is perfect for to accomplish this, as it doesn’t require any kind of physical condition nor any specific age. In a very short time everyone can learn how to play and as the game advances it reinforces teamwork skills. Of course, this may end up creating rivalry, but it is not a bad thing whatsoever. Team building activities aim to increase motivation through events that can fill people with those sensations, that would keep everyone participating on alert and that would incite everyone to make an effort to get even better.

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If you have a group of people in your charge that you need to motivate, if you are searching for different leisure activities to encourage your workers, if you are a coach looking for new ideas that few people know to surprise your customers, or simply if you just want to throw an amazing party for your company and a Christmas dinner doesn’t appeal so much to you: In Archery Tag Barcelona we are in condition to offer you whatever you will need. Do not meditate it anymore and reserve a date. Get your group together, equip yourselves with bows and arrows and live an experience that everybody will be talking about soon. The experience of becoming fierce archers that no one can beat.

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