• Archery Tag
    ya se dispara en Barcelona

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  • Archery Tag
    it’s already in Barcelona

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Archery Tag Barcelona – Battle, fight and combat between archers

The latest hit in excitement for groups has just arrived to Barcelona!

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Archery Tag can be played from groups of 6 to 40 people

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We are in Barcelona and we have indoor and outdoor facilities

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Enjoy Archery Tag from €25 per person

Have the best day ever with the archery battle

Get your aim steady and prepare yourself to enjoy the archery battle of your life, in Barcelona!

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Have tons of fun shooting your completely safe Archery Tag arrows!

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Our Archery Tag arrows main difference is that the tip is actually a flat-ended foam cylinder. We are the only ones allowed to say that our arrows won’t hurt anyone in the knee!

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What is the goal of the archery battle in Barcelona

The goal of this activity is to bring everyone closer to the exciting sport that archery is. Through a game in which excitement blends with strategy, marksmanship and fair play, anyone can get into this sport and then decide if they want to go one step further and get a real bow or if they want to keep enjoying Archery Tag.

If you are looking for something new and different to what you usually do for any celebration or gathering, get at least 8 players an arrange teams to face each others in order to be the team that gets the highest score. You will also be able to play a variety of minigames that the instructors will teach you. It will be without any doubt the day to feel like Robin Hood, or maybe to let your imagination fly and then feel like outlanders battling against the law or like your favorite The Hunger Games’ characters.

Epic battles filled with action

If you have always dreamed to emulate Robin Hood, Legolas the elf of The Lord of the Rings, or simply want to play with a bow, Archery Tag Barcelona suggests you to do it in a way you have never done imagined before. A group battle where you will have to put all your senses to test in order to escape the rival team arrows.

In contrast of similar sports, like Paintball or Laser Tag, that share some common points with our game, the archery battle does not require a complete safety equipment. It is enough with a mask and completely following the rules to keep everything safe.

Want to book? Steady your aim and shoot!

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Ideal for bachelor parties, team building events and more!

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The archery battle in Barcelona is an exciting and brand new game, perfectly fit for team building events, which increase leadership abilities and teamwork between company workers. It is also an amazing way to escape the usual routine of stag or birthday parties, or any other adventure activity, without having to leave the city. Archery Tag can be played in an area of the same size as an indoor football pitch.

If you are 13 years or older, you will be able to play without having to worry about your physical condition, as everyone can put on a mask, take a bow and prepare and arrow. From the first arrow shot everyone will realize that they need to organize and work as a team in order to achieve victory.

Do you want to make a reservation? Everyone will love this game!